The Seven Worlds

The Deus Portas homebrew campaign is set in the Seven Worlds setting. Basically, we have Seven Worlds largely ruled by ten deities, connected by the pocket dimension of Khronos and the trade city of Farrago. The market town of Farrago sits at the center hub of the Seven Worlds. The country side surrounding the city is divided into partitions each leading to one of Seven Gates. The shield fiends of Khronos (as the pocket dimension is formally named) guard the Gates from misuse. The stars of each world are identical and seen in each respective set of heavens simultaneously.

Players are variously recruited by capricious deities who each strive to each fulfill or prevent the Prophecy of the Starkiller.

The Seven Worlds are, in brief:

  • Caeruleum, the Blue World ruled by Wanjo the Wise, represented by the Water symbol
  • Viridi, the Green World ruled by the halfling god Ridley and goddess Ripley, represented by the Life symbol. Oddly, when spoken of collectively, they are referred to as Everly.
  • Erythaean, the Red World, also known as the Burning World, ruled by gnomish god Noah and represented by the symbol for Fire.
  • Adelstan, the Stone World ruled by the dwarf god Baldnoggin, represented by the Earth symbol.
  • Nubis, the Cloud World ruled by the winged elven gods Aethereus, Helios, and Fulgur, represented by the Wind symbol.
  • Enfys, the Multicolored World, also known as the Rainbow World, ruled by Xorphax of Nevermind, represented by the symbol for Magic.
  • Umbra, the Shadow World or the Realm of Souls, ruled by the giant goddess Oxenbane and her Furies.