Umbra, the Shadow World or the Realm of Souls, ruled by the giant goddess Oxenbane and her Furies.

If our adventurers manage to open the Water Portal on Caeruleum, they will learn that they have to open the Portals to the remaining Worlds. Each trip to another World requires a harrowing journey through the Elderwyld. Reaching Umbra is particularly problematic since no living soul is permitted to enter.

Umbra is also known as the Realm of Souls.

She welcomes the souls of the valorous dead into the Hallowed Rest, until they are called forth to defend her World against its enemies and drives the souls of the wicked into the Pandemonium, an unending nightmare where there is no rest but only pain and terror.

The boundaries of her world grow with each passing year to accommodate the swell of the dying.

Currently, Shadofar worship is spreading throughout the Pandemonium. The damned souls there would gladly welcome oblivion over their current state.