Valiant Thor the Dreamweaver became the god of Erythaean by tricking Gilgamesh into entering the Dream, where he fought endless battles and monsters, with the aid of Zephyr of Nubis‘ dream dust. After 40 years, Gilgamesh defeated the dreamscape’s stand-in for Valiant Thor, but none of the remaining Lords of the Seven World’s supported his return; in fact, the gods had conspired against Gilgamesh to depose him, fearing his growing power and his lust for conquest. Gilgamesh was allowed to leave Erythaean peaceably and took up residence in Farrago‘s Rose Coliseum.

In the meantime, Valiant Thor had established himself as the god of deception, conspiracy and secrets.

As an irony, the gnome Noah then challenged Valiant Thor to a battle of wits with Erythaean as the prize. Noah was able to win the contest set up by Wanjo the Wise by winning the favor of the outsider god, B.O.B., god of death and lost things. Though now deposed like his predecessor, Valiant Thor is still served by his faithful in his absence despite the fact that Noah is now the god of the Burning World.

The true appearance of Valiant Thor is typical of any dero of Erythaean, but he often chooses to assume the form of a human. It does not appear the the lord of the dero is quite finished with Erythaean and, one assumes, Noah. Though he lost the battle of wits that resulted in him being replaced as the Burning World’s deity, Valiant Thor had built many power structures in place for an ultimate plan to treacherously unite the world under his absolute rule rather than ruling from the shadows. His followers are already prophesying his wrathful return.

Followers of Valiant Thor

The former Lord of the Burning World is more interested in power acquisition than excellence of craft. His followers tend to be those interested in power, conspiracies and subterfuge.

Valiant Thor is symbolized by a circle with tongues of fire radiating from it or an intricate design consisting of circles and lines.