Viridi, the Green World is ruled halfling god Ridley and goddess Ripley, referred to collectively as Everly, represented by the Life symbol.

If our adventurers manage to open the Water Portal on Caeruleum, they will learn that they have to open the Portals to the remaining Worlds. Each trip to another World requires a harrowing journey through the Elderwyld.

Once they arrive on Viridi, they will find themselves in the Endless Forest which covers most of the Green World. The people here mostly live in the planet’s massive trees.

Exceptions to the rule exist, of course. The High Grove is set on a higher plateau featuring a pine forest. The Deathcap Forest, domain of the God Mung, is home to swamps, fern-covered glades and giant fungi the size of trees.

There are also lakes, rivers, and wide tracts of farmlands within the Endless Forest.

Viridi is a place of life and rain. Most modes of transportation involve some sort of biological life from standard horses to ” bloat dragons,” the flying jellyfish that serve as zeppelins, traveling from one treetop village to another.

Viridi has experienced a shakeup since the stars began to fall. The Burning, a massive wildfire caused by a bolide impact, has been spreading through the Endless Forest. Half of Everly is missing and the Rain of Ridley has dried up. The once lush forests are and farm fields are beginning to dry up.

Worse still, Thanatar the god of undeath is said to be making a domain for himself amid Viridi’s dying fields.