The War’todes (literally the Warrior-people of War’t) of CAERULEUM mostly serve the draconic frog god, War’t. Before the first star fell according to the Starkiller Prophecy, its impact resulting in the Upheavel, War’t was manifested whenever the Big Boss used the Staff of Summoning.

The Staff of Summoning was lost during the Upheavel, resulting in a brief Civil War. Both sides claim War’t’s favor. The established Big Boss claims that just as the star left the heavens War’t has temporarily left to bring wrath upon his enemies. His rival, Gilderwart, now styles himself as the Big Big Boss and is capturing tributes for War’t under the notion that with enough sacrifices he can summon War’t without the staff.

Wanjo the Wise isn’t quite sure any of the deities worshipped by the War’todes technically qualify as gods.

Followers of War’t

All of the frog god War’t’s followers are War’todes.

War’t has no official symbol but the Staff of Summoning is important to his followers’ beliefs.