Weddumlir Aleshield

Dwarf Fighter

Weddumlir Aleshield began his adventures in the TEMPLE OF WANJO as the celebrated Dishrag the Brave the Elf Fighter.

Dishrag [Sessions #1-4]

As Dishrag, he awoke with Bhardor Silvertongue the Dwarf Bard, Belwyn Darkhand the Halfling Fighter, Eondul the Human Wizard, and Katnip Everdeen the Rogue in the PIT OF THE DYING. They acquired a Star Sapphire in return for agreeing to slay a dragon for Snizzle, Cleric of Kroakatoa.

Bhardor, Dishrag and Katnip eventually made their way through caverns infested with War’todes. After losing Katnip in the MUSHROOM FOREST CAVERN, he and Bhardor found the DRAGON’S LAIR and fought the dragon and perished, though the dragon did afterward choke on Bhardor’s arm and die.

The incident was immortalized in Dandylion Discord‘s ballad, The Vengeance of Bhardos. It is noteworthy that the celebrated and often inebriated bard Dandylion got Bhardor’s name wrong, yet correctly noted that Dishrag’s true name was Dorian Fungaltongue, born Dorian Griffonsinger. He changed his last name as part of his devotion to his god, as he was a Cleric of Mung, minor god of moisture and fungus. Before becoming a husk, Dorian Fungaltongue was a member of the Dragonfire Five, a band of elves who opposed Moriarty but were eventually vanquished. They are, in fact, the reason Moriarty hates “smellves.” When B.O.B. offered him the husks of the Five for use in his nefarious schemes, Moriarty assigned each of them ridiculous nicknames in lieu of their given names.

Weddumlir Aleshield [Sessions #5-8, 11-28]

After their celebrated deaths, the Bard God Hero resurrected Bhardor and Dishrag into the bodies they originally inhabited before the Mad God Moriarty magically kidnapped them. Making Weddumlir Aleshield and Bofril Greybender members of Adventure Inc, Hero returned them to the TEMPLE OF WANJO, where they awoke in the EXAMINATION ROOM and were reunited with Katnip.

An ill-fated fight with overwhelming Wart’ode forces in the ROOM OF POISON DARTS led to a retreat into the LIBRARY, where Bofril and Katnip met their end wand of an Ipsimus.

To avoid their fate, Weddumlir fled and wound up lost in the Temple’s magical maze.

He was reunited with his friends when Bofril was resurrected by B.O.B. as Acindor the Human Fighter and Katnip was likewise resurrected as Thril Wolfsbane the Elf Fighter. They found him in the ROOM OF EIGHT. The magical maze spit them out back into the EXAMINATION ROOM, where they were captured by Wart’odes.

When something was discovered amiss in the TEMPLE PRISON, he and the other Wart’ode prisoners were sent ahead to investigate.

Weddumlir was one of the party who vanished after the gods interrupted their quest with visions. By the will of Hero (partly in an effort to keep track two new agents of B.O.B.), he awoke with said servants of B.O.B., Thril Wolfsbane and Acindor, in what turned out to be the KITCHEN of SMUGGLER SPEAK. Their exploration was cut short when they encountered the Corrupted in the DINING HALL. Even though other adventurers in SMUGGLER SPEAK came to their aid, Weddumlir was wounded to the point where he was forced to retreat to the PATIO, but then rallied to help his comrades vanquish the Corrupted.

After a much-needed rest, Wedd and his comrades were accosted by the goddess Oxenbane, who returned the ghost of Thril Wolfsbane, recently slain in the encounter with the Corrupted, and set them upon a quest to end the corruption of SMUGGLER  SPEAK and locate the husks of Thril and Zayn Carthin the Arbiter of Hero (also slain in their battle against the Corrupted) to reunite them with their spirits.

Finding their way to the SANCTUARY OF EVERLY, they encountered and fought a Corrupted Basilisk. Afterward, they discovered a Cuervos who identified himself as Nobody. Interrogations of the creature were cut short when Acindor took Nobody’s hat, which turned out to be a Mimic Familiar. A brief skirmish led to the creature forming itself into a brane, an organic portal to the Cuervos’ SOUL SIEVE. The Cuervos within defended their domain savagely. Wedd sucessfully and singe-handedly fended off several Corrupted Cuervos before turning his attention to the awakened Basilisk. At the urging of Geralt Goldenblade The Dwarf Fighter of Hero Inc, he pulled a conspicuous dagger from the basilisk’s back. He was successful, allowing Odin Thunderhammer the Dwarf Fighter to dispatch the monster; however, not before a misfired laser gun dropped by one of the other members of Hero Inc shot him in the back and killed him.

Weddumlir was resurrected by the dwarf god Baldnoggin and named as his new Shield Knight champion. To prove the might and glory of Hero Inc., they pulled out of the fight, leaving Weddumlir alone to mop up. Incredibly, Weddumlir lived up to Baldnoggin’s boast!

After he and his party defeated the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION,  they visited the SKY BAZAAR of SMUGGLER SPEAK as heroes. Wedd in particular was celebrated in song and credited as the primary savior of SMUGGLER SPEAK. The rousing ballad, Send in the Wedd, was commissioned by Baldnoggin himself.

He and his party later entered the TEMPLE MINES to retrieve lost materials at the behest of the SKY BAZAAR merchants. It was in the MINES that Wedd first admitted his arachnophobia. Unfortunately,  the adventurers stepped into a fey ring leading to the ELDERWYLD .  

Narrowly escaping being devoured by a house mimic, they exited the ELDERWYLD and found themselves in a quarantined section of FARRAGO’s CAERULEUM SECTOR. While there, Weddumlir agreed to be Hero’s Champion in the forthcoming Gotternacht Games. They were able to escape the quarantined island of SAINT ALBANS by using the sewers.

Escaping into the subterranean CATACOMBS, they made their way to the CHAPEL OF WANJO and the above ground island of MIDDLEBOROUGH. Spying their faces on wanted posters, they tried to pass by unnoticed but were instead chased off the island by an angry mob of Redforges. On PEVENSIE ISLAND, they were ushered through a magical door to CLAW ISLAND by Fizzle the Fifth. 

After spending a night at the EXCELSIOR, Weddumlir  felt Baldnoggin’s displeasure at his decision to be Hero’s Champion in the Gotternacht Games, so he agreed to be Baldnoggin’s Champion instead. Later, the adventurers made their way to the ROSE COLISEUM, where they met the God Gilgamesh and Gnome Shanarock the Dwarf Rogue, the chosen Champion of the Nylbolgia in the forthcoming Gotternacht Games. Hero himself showed up to demand that Weddumlir honor his initial decision to be his Champion, but Weddumlir would not budge. Acindor agreed to be the Champion of Hero in the Games in order to appease the Bard God of Heroes and to save his comrade from certain death.

Making their way to PEACOCK ISLAND on a quest to rid Nathan Garney of his assassin’s mark, the adventurers squared off against an orc warband called the Fearless in order to restore power to the PEACOCK ISLAND DOCKS and the tram up the mountains to Obscurus’ MANSION. In a moment of poor timing, Baldnoggin transported Weddumlir away to counsel him. As an indirect result, Thril Wolfsbane was killed by the Fearless’ ettin champion during the fight.