Enfys is tended by the insectoid goddess Xorphax, the personification of Intelligence. Unfortunately, the goddess of mind and domination would prefer the Seven Worlds be a hive mind under her control. Xorphax is the possessor of the Nevermind, a magically sentient reference book with a bad temper and a fickle sense of humor which secretly seeks to rule the world itself.

The inhabitants of Enfys spend their lives in servitude under her yoke of dominance, often influenced by magical means to serve her. Not content to rule only her own world, she constantly seeks ways to subvert the gods of other worlds. She is particularly dedicated to undermining Wanjo the Wise. She is revered by wizards for the intellectual discipline she requires is a path to powerful magic, but she chafes at the knowledge that it is Wanjo and not the Queen of the world represented by the symbol of magic who is the god of magic. Fortunately for her, she has earned the worship of the the Ipsimus of Wanjo’s world, a megalomaniacal specials of sentient cephalopods who consider themselves the true Masters of Caeruleum.

Followers of Xorphax

Xorphax’s attracts a fair number of fighters, clerics, wizards and rogues, particularly those bent on domination or intellectual superiority. Her temples serve as libraries and reliquaries.

Xorphax’s symbol is a hexagon.