Elf Arbiter (Rogue-Paladin)

Zayn Carthin is an Elf Arbiter of Hero who began his adventures in the TEMPLE OF WANJO in the EXAMINATION ROOM as the husk Hogwash the Elf Bard.

Status: Unknown


  • “Volunteered” by Moriarty to quest as the husk Hogwash
  • Member of Hero‘s Adventure Inc as Hogwash and Zayn Carthin
  • Died as Hogwash at the hands of Snizzle the Wart’ode Cleric of Kroakatoa.
  • Confirmed that Hogwash was a husk formerly belonging to a member of the Dragonfire Five in the poem O Hogwash by Dandylion Discord.
  • Resurrected as Zayn Carthin the Elf Arbiter (Rogue-Paladin) of Hero.
  • Involved in the slaying of a young dragon, as immortalized in The Vengeance of Bhardos.
  • Corrupted and slain in the party’s first encounter with the Corrupted at SMUGGLER SPEAK.
  • Resurrected as a ghost by Oxenbane and sent on an undisclosed mission.
  • Zayn Carthin’s inanimate husk perished in the destruction of the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION at SMUGGLER SPEAK, leaving her as a ghost.

Hogwash [Sessions #1-3]

Hogwash awoke with Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard, Lightfingers the Elf Rogue, Rosmita Stout the Halfling Bard, and Pigsnout the Elf Fighter in the EXAMINATION ROOM.

Proceeding south to the CRYPT OF THE OLD GUARD, they awakened the Captain of the Old Guard and the tidal elf skeletons under his command from their sarcophagi. After a brief skirmish, Rosmita Stout cast charm on the Captain of the Old Guard, whereupon hostilities ceased. Following his advice, they return back the way they came and headed for the LIBRARY STORAGE ROOM, losing Rosmita along the way. A tunnel dug into the back of the room leads to the WART’ODE TUNNELS. Lightfingers vanished after a vision from the Bard God Hero made them all members of Adventure Inc.

After a quick encounter with a Kypseli, Hogwash fell for a pit trap leading to the PIT OF THE DYING where Snizzle the Cleric of Kroakatoa was quick to pounce. Though Meldor and Pigsnout tried to save her, the mad cleric’s thunderwave killed her.

The incident was immortalized in the celebrated Dandylion Discord the Bard’s poem, “Oh, Hogwash!” The poem tragically notes that Hogwash never knew her own name and then names her as Heibalar Goldenleaf. Heibalar was a member of the Dragonfire Five, a band of elves who opposed Moriarty but were eventually vanquished. They are, in fact, the reason Moriarty hates “smellves.” When B.O.B. offered him the husks of the Five for use in his nefarious schemes, Moriarty assigned each of them ridiculous nicknames in lieu of their given names.

Zayn Carthin (Sessions #4-5, 8-11)

After learning Moriarty was recruiting champions, the Bard God Hero resurrected Hogwash as as Zayn Carthin the Elf Arbiter (Rogue-Paladin). She was reunited with her friends when they discovered her lying on the floor of the WART’ODE TUNNELS.

After surveying the WART’ODE ENCAMPMENT from an overlook, the trio stumbled upon the DRAGON’S LAIR in the aftermath of Bhardor Silvertongue and Dishrag the Brave’s ill-fated attempt at dragonslaying. They drew the dragon’s attention but it choked on Bhardor’s arm as it inhaled to use its breath weapon. Zayn Carthin is mentioned by name in Dandylion Discord‘s popular ballad, The Vengeance of Bhardos.

Climbing down from their ledge, they explored the SOUTH WATCH CAVERN until accidentally drew the attention of the WART’ODE ENCAMPMENT. The Wart’odes pursued them into the tunnels where they were captured and brought to the CAGES.

She was taken, along with Meldor and his cellmate Odin Thunderhammer the Dwarf Fighter, by Captain Gurglepuss after Meldor and Odin convinced Gilderwart, the Big Big Boss of the WART’ODE ENCAMPMENT, that they could fetch the Staff of Summoning for him.

The Wart’odes later manage to capture three Fighters, Acindor the Human, Thril Wolfsbane the Elf and Weddumlir Aleshield the Dwarf in the EXAMINATION ROOM. After a brief skirmish, they also captured two Elves, Davroar Hollysword the Cleric of Moriarty and Fizzle the Wizard.

After being fit with thrall collars to prevent them from harming Wart’odes, the adventurers are sent into the TEMPLE PRISON to scout ahead.

A vision from an impatient Hero interrupted his quest, whereupon he found himself alone in the TEMPLE PRISON with Meldor and Davroar. The Wart’odes and their other fellow captives were missing.

They discovered Nathan Garney the Human Cleric of Everly in a trunk in the GUARD SLEEPING QUARTERS. They are also joined Kerla Chog the Human Fighter after she is spit out of a closet by the TEMPLE OF WANJO’s magical maze.

They decided to venture into the TIDELANDS. After being ambushed and defeating a pack of bushwackys, they headed further down the beach, where Jotun Yggdrassil the Dwarf Cleric of Moriarty joined their party and accompanied them as they entered SMUGGLER SPEAK to continue their quest.

Their exploration was cut short at the sounds of battle from the DINING HALL, where three Fighters, Acindor the Human, Weddumlir Aleshield the Dwarf, and Thril Wolfsbane the Elf, were quickly finding themselves overwhelmed by the Corrupted. After a quick but furious battle, both Thril and Zayn Carthin were turned into monsters and vanquished along with the other Corrupted.

Later, the goddess Oxenbane revealed that she had found the soul of Zayn Carthin and that his husk and the husk of Thril Wolfsbane could be found in SMUGGLER SPEAK. She returned Thril to them as a ghost but said that Zayn was on a separate mission.. She commissioned his friends with ending the curse of corruption on SMUGGLER SPEAK and retrieving the husks of the two heroes.

Thril was able to repossess his husk when the party found it in the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION; however, while Davroar Hollysword retrieved the Star Sapphire from Zayn’s husk, the husk was subsequently destroyed along with the rest of the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION during the battle that took place there.

Zayn Carthin’s fate is now uncertain.