There are many unique lifeforms which inhabit the Seven Worlds of Deus Portas. Some are more familiar than others. Some only appear so, their mind filling in the blanks with things more familiar things until the traveler’s mind can adjust to what they’re actually seeing. Some of the sentient species and even some of the wilder creatures have expanded to other worlds via their link through Farrago.

The creatures here are given as they appear in B.O.B.’s Bestiary of the Seven Worlds, more commonly shortened to B.O.B.’s Bestiary. The Bestiary itself was the gift of the gunslinging god of Erythaean, the very bribe that spared Noah from B.O.B.’s realm forever. The device technomagically records all of the creatures that ever existed in the Seven Worlds, sentient or wild, living or undead, indigenous or wayfarers from the Otherverse.

This list, copied from the Bestiary, will be added to and expounded upon as B.O.B. allows.