The Roster

Our players have never been boring! Here is a little bit more information on the characters we’re getting to know in these sessions.

Surviving Veteran Roster

  • Acindor (née Bofril Greybender née Bhardor Silvertongue) – Human Fighter, Champion of Hero | Songs: The Vengeance of Bhardos
  • Davroar Hollysword (née Fenris Fairweather) – Smelf Cleric of the Mad God Moriarty | Songs: Fenris the First Fallen
  • Meldor IronforgeDwarf Wizard | Songs: The Vengeance of Bhardos
  • Nathan Garney (née Cullos Crowbane) – Human Cleric of Everly
  • Weddumlir Aleshield (née Dishrag the Brave) – Dwarf Shield Knight of Baldnoggin,  Champion of Baldnoggin| Songs: The Vengeance of Bhardos, Send in the Wedd!

Novice Meatgrinder Roster

Occasional Roster

Former Roster